A care-free South Carolina lifestyle: Waterproof flooring

Let's face it: water is part of our daily lives. We drink it, bathe in it, wash dishes with it, clean with it, and cook with it. It is great so long as it stays where it is supposed to stay. As long as we continue bringing water into our homes, there will always be the chance that there will be spills and leaks. Isn't it good to know that there are options in flooring specifically designed with water in mind? And while there are many highly water-resistant options, luxury vinyl flooring gives you the very best in 100% waterproof flooring.

What do we mean by waterproof?

Two aspects are involved in referring to waterproof. First, the presence of water does not harm waterproof flooring. It does not shrink, swell, warp, discolor, or stain, whether it is from a small spilled glass or from your children deciding to host the community squirt-gun battle in your home. Just wipe it up and go — good as new.

The second aspect has to do with whether the flooring is permeable. In other words, can moisture work its way through the floor to the subfloor below it? And, once again, luxury vinyl plank and tile are not permeable. That means that these floors will protect the subfloor below from experiencing moisture if there are floods.

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Not just the surface

One of the beauties of waterproof vinyl flooring is that the entire material is waterproof. Soak it in your bathtub if you want to try it out. Many of our lines are made with a rigid core to give them a more substantial look and feel. Even these cores are made from stone-plastic (SPC) or a wood-plastic (WPC) core material that is utterly unaffected by the presence of moisture and helps the flooring to be strong and resilient to the wear and tear of even the most active families.

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