As you prepare for bathroom remodeling, you'll find there are extensive parts that combine to make the whole. For many, the shower area is the most crucial part of the remodel, and here are some tips for making the most of this space as you prepare for your bathroom renovation.

Enjoy the best of the remodeling experience

As you prepare to remodel your bathroom, it’s worth your time to narrow your options so the process doesn’t feel as overwhelming, especially in the beginning. Whether you’re remodeling the entire room, or part of the space, such as a bathroom vanity makeover, these bathroom renovation tips can help bring great success.

  1. Consider performance needs – If your shower sees multiple daily uses, choosing products and fixtures that stand the test of time is essential. Choose durable products like tile, glass, and Schluter drains for the best and longest-lasting results. 
  2. Consider visual appeal – Some homeowners prefer to make their shower the center of attention, and stunning visuals make that easier. Look for smoked, etched, or frosted glass and overhead lighting for effect. 
  3. Consider lifespan – This is a big project, and you won’t want to repeat a shower remodel too soon. Look for products that last and create financial savings over time.

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