Wood flooring adds charm, elegance, and luxury to a home, but that doesn't mean they're high maintenance! Contrary to what some think, these floors aren't delicate; especially when finished with a polyester substance, they become one of the most durable surfaces around. Please continue reading for some care tips from On the Level, your hardwood flooring company.

Water is the enemy of solid hardwood flooring

If you have solid hardwood, wipe spills immediately to avoid cupping, crowning, and warping. If you clean and polish, be sure to wipe them thoroughly to ensure there's no water to seep through the joints.

If, however, your space is prone to excess water, you might consider engineered wood flooring. Although the look is very similar to solid, the construction underneath is different, making it more stable and better able to handle water.

Routine Maintenance

Consider your level of foot traffic but, generally, hardwood floors should be swept with a soft broom or dry mopped every day and then vacuumed (without beat bars) at least once a week.

Sand and dirt can scratch, and you also want to get rid of any moisture that someone may have tracked in on their shoes.

Damp-mop, every two to three months and buff out scuff marks, can be buffed out with a sock or a little baking soda and a damp cloth.

Common everyday strategies

Put mats strategically at entrances and, when possible, ask people to remove their shoes before entering a room with wood floors. In addition, keep pet nails trimmed, use protective furniture pads to prevent scratches, and avoid wearing stilettos on the floor.

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