When you see luxury vinyl flooring in person, you may be impressed by the stunning visual appeal, including a shiny, spectacular finish. But do you have to wax the surface to keep the shine?

We hear this question a lot, and the answer is no, you don’t have to wax luxury vinyl, ever. The shine comes as an appearance choice, and here are some extended facts you should know as you start to shop.

What makes luxury vinyl shiny and brilliant?

Luxury vinyl flooring looks so good because of the wear and protective layer added to the top of the flooring piece. Vinyl plank flooring has durable layers that offer a brilliant shine and protect the image layer.

Together, these layers create and conserve the beauty and shine that looks like the floors are waxed to perfection. If you try to polish these floors with wax or a waxy substance, you'll end up marring the surface and making it dull and lifeless.

What to do instead of waxing

Since these floors need no wax or special cleaning requirements, you might wonder how to clean them. The answer is that you only need a damp mop, vinegar, or a luxury vinyl flooring solution recommended by your flooring professional for outstanding results.

A clean surface is a great way to keep these floors looking great. And you’ll always have that just-washed look from any surface.

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