If you’re ready for bathroom remodeling that results in a spa-like experience, we're prepared to come alongside you and offer the products and services to make it happen. There are many ways to achieve this goal, and we'll share bathroom renovation options that fit your home, style, and budget for results you'll enjoy for years.

How to create a bathroom that doubles as a spa

One of the best ways to create the ambiance of a spa setting is to incorporate elements of nature in the décor and furnishings for a fresh, simple feel. For instance, adding plants is a great way to start a bathroom vanity makeover, pairing them with gorgeous colors like blue, green, brown, and cream.

Decluttering is another vital part of the spa feel, so pay attention to your cabinetry to ensure you have enough space to keep everything put away correctly. Cabinetry is often preferred over open shelving because it can hide gadgets that deduct from the natural appeal of a spa.

Finally, soften the floors with a few well-placed rugs that add plush luxury in colors that blend well in your new natural setting. Upgrade seating arrangements with a softened feel for your shower remodel and include soft lighting with a dimming switch.

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