Today, most hardwood floors show a refined, seamless layout of evenly spaced planks precisely the same size. Random width wood flooring was standard in days past, and it's becoming more common now as many homeowners opt for a more natural look.


You give your room texture and a unique design when you decide to construct your new floor with planks of varying widths. The popularity of mixed-width planks dates back to Colonial times, which means that random-width solid wood flooring complements any decorating style.

In addition, you can choose a traditional or updated style appropriate for contemporary room decor.


Random-width wood flooring is often found in three different plank sizes: 3-inch, five-inch, and seven-inch. Installers create a detailed layout scheme for the planks on hand before laying them on the subfloor to ensure an optimal look.

Remember that this floor covering makes a space feel larger, ideal for smaller rooms.

Layout patterns

Two different layout patterns are commonly used when a floor is constructed with planks that vary in width. Two-width random wood floors can utilize planks in one color or multiple colors
which can be engineered or solid hardwood flooring.

However, if you're updating a larger room, it's good to use planks in three different widths to create a three-width random floor design.

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